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The RE system will be a large investment. To insure success, your site should meet one or more of the following minimum requirements:

Solar:  Unshaded southern exposure from 10:00AM to 3:00PM, mid February to mid October. This is a starting point. The installer has the ability to determine specific power production at your site.

Wind:  A location where a wind turbine could be installed at least 30' above any obstacle within a 500' radius to reduce the negative effects of turbulence on wind turbine components. This is a general rule; your site will have specific characteristics which can be discussed with the installer.

Hydro:  Potential power from a hydro source is determined by vertical drop and water flow. The flow can be determined by the time it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket at the source of your water supply. Vertical drop, or head, is easily estimated with a GPS. Other factors which effect power production are diameter, type, and length of pipe from source to turbine. The following formula can be used to find the potential power output of your site given the head and flow rate (gpm=gallons per minute).
not currently available, ask installer

Using flow and head, as well as site specific pipe characteristics, the installer can make a more accurate prediction of power production from your site and help you decide whether to pursue hydro power.

Permits may be required for RE installations. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Depending on your Kodiak Island Borough (KIB) zoning and location, KIB code may require: Building permit, zoning compliance permit, and a variance for a tower over 35'.
  • Installation of hydro systems on anadramous streams may require permitting by appropriate agencies including Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

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